Friendship for all: Transforming short breaks and foster care services to increase friendship in the lives of children and young people

If a child or young person is disabled and/or in the care system, they are more likely to miss out on friendship causing them to be
socially isolated. Professionals delivering foster care and short breaks services are invited to implement simple changes to practice and
strengthen carer training to increase friendship in the lives of children. Use our freely downloadable, nationally piloted and evaluated
resources and customise them to your requirements without incurring additional cost to your service

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Making friendship work in your practice. Select, download and save from a selection of freely available tools, guidance and training ideas.

Our tools and guidance can help you make friendship work in your practice. Find out more about these and how you can select file and print our free training ideas, forms, tools and guidance.


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Support for our resources

"The training is fit for purpose and a useful tool for foster carers" (Foster Care Network)

"Supervising social workers welcome the practice changes, guidance and training resources available in this website. We need tools to help us improve the friendship outcomes for children in care"
(Placement worker in LA Foster Care Team)