How do you train and support my foster carers to help me see my friends?

Friendship training for foster carers

The training booklet (Friendship for All Training for Foster Carers) contains a bespoke collection of activities and handouts that can be used in the different contexts in order to provide support for foster carers:

  • activities to be used in supervisions sessions when it seems relevant to the carer and their young person
  • handouts that can be given to all your carers or selectively shared when issues in relation to friendship are raised
  • group activities and case studies for discussion to be used to complement the Skills to Foster training
  • group activities that can be used as part of on-going training and development

Training, support and development (TSD) standards for foster care

The training can be used to evidence that you carers have met the TSD standards. In particular the standards:

  • 2.3 – Relationship with parents and others
  • 5.2 – Resilience
  • 5.4 a, b and c – Supporting play activities and learning
  • 5.6 b – Understanding contexts

The Children’s Society, in partnership with British Association of Adoption and Fostering (BAAF now CoramBAAF), conducted a survey of foster care providers (see link)

One of the clearest findings was that 80% of respondents did not provide specific training about how to support children’s friendships.