Read the How to guide and find out what you can do to help me see my friends?

How to make your fostering services inclusive of children and young people’s friendships.

Our easy to use How to guide includes positive, pragmatic and replicable ideas based on good practice shared by local authorities and independent foster care agencies.

We have consulted with many foster carers and social workers whose commitment to supporting the friendships of children in their care by appropriate use of delegated authority, in which the voice of the child is heard, has demonstrated that it is possible to keep children safe while at the same time building and maintaining their friendships. This guide will work well alongside training for foster carers.

The guide is practical and solution focussed,  inviting all professionals to take a fresh look at their practice, including fostering training, and consider making simple changes to their placement planning meetings, supervision forms and children’s reviews. The guide demonstrates how adjustments can be made quickly with no costs attached to ensure that no friendship opportunities are missed for children in care.

The guide prompts professionals to integrate children’s friendships with their personal education plans, educational health care plans and ensure that pathways planning takes gives careful consideration to young people’s friendships.